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The Full Story

Human Psychological Trauma

Trauma is the most Avoided, Ignored, Belittled, Denied, Misunderstood, and untreated cause of Human Suffering. (Peter Levine)

As we develop and grow in this human form on earth, our experiences shape and forms our psychological, and sub-conscious and unconscious protective energy systems that impact and form our responses and reactions to trauma. 

Majestic Healing collaborates and incorporates the holistic energy systems that identify and discover these human trauma responses and survivor modes that enhances healing potential within your existence. 


Its imperative to heal the mind, emotions, body, and soul as it relates to the Majestic Heart that you carry.

Your Heart is the most Intelligent Organ in your human body and is more significant than medical science has researched in terms of healing from trauma and has a unique powerful system that can generate interpersonal healing energy.


Connecting your Heart to your unique energy healing system as you incorporate and activate the power within you to heal from trauma, overcome survivor mode and trauma responses, and to have a brave heart will absolutely promote peace, harmony, trust and confidence in your life!

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